When Calls the Heart – The Greatest Christmas Blessing

So I am a big When Calls the Heart fan, so this movie was a hit with me. SPOILER ALERT: I am so glad that Elizabeth had the baby during this movie instead of dragging it out during the regular season. I also love the relationship between Elizabeth, Abigail and Rosemary. I think the movie provides some great insight into the power of deep friendships, which is a blessing everyone can have. You can definitely sense that during this movie, the tight community is always there for one another.


My favorite part in the movie was when Elizabeth heard someone in town say “Let’s take a walk” which is what Jack used to say to her. It was a subtle reminder that he is always looking out for her. So that was a nice touch, good job Hallmark!

I am definitely looking forward to the next season. I hope that Elizabeth can find love again, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that!

I’m giving this one a 9 out of 10. 



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