Northern Lights of Christmas

This movie was very difficult for me to enjoy. It just seemed so unrealistic and extremely cheesy (especially for Hallmark). So Zoey (Ashley Williams) inherits the ranch from an old mentor in Alaska and she has plans to sell the ranch. I think in a dream world, it could work out for someone to give up their life and job and inherit a ranch in Alaska and keep the ranch running, but I just don’t find that realistic. So at the end of the movie when she makes that decision, I was a little disappointed.


I was also really bothered by the the male lead actor. Alac Wynn’s character, played by Cory Sevier, seemed to be so emotional and whiny the entire movie. He really bothered me, and I had a hard time connecting to him. I was glad that in the end he was easier to get along with, and he finally shared his feeling with Zoey. I also thought that it was foolish of Zoey to keep the ranch and stay there to date Alac, when it didn’t seem like they had much of a connection.

The good thing about this movie, it takes place in Alaska, which is a beautiful part of the world. I’m giving this one a 5 out of 10. 

One thought on “Northern Lights of Christmas

  1. This movie was definitely a disappointment! The male lead came across as depressed, gloomy, and lacking in any character depth. It was a very unlikely “love” match, which made it difficult to enjoy the movie. I would give it a 4.3/10.


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