Pride Prejudice and Mistletoe 

by: NY152
I am an anglophile and a Austen devotee, but this did not land how I think they wanted it to land…at least with me. I generally like movies with Jennifer Love Hewitt (Remember when she was in the LFO Music Video “Girl on TV” and dated Carson Daly…I do!) But I didn’t like this one and I think It all came down the the leading man. Now I’m sure Brendan Penny is a great guy. His IMDB page tells me he’s married with a few kids and was also in 90’s teen movies such as “John Tucker Must Die”, “I Love You, Beth Cooper”, and one of the 50 Shades Movies (which, btw I DID NOT SEE). But I think where he lost me is when I realized he looks just like Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte…who gives off a dumb player vibe to me.
Ryan Lochte.PNG
Tell me you can’t see it?!?!?!
Okay back to the movie. Darcy leaves home and her dads company to strike out on her own. She returns home for Christmas and her mom asks her to help plan a charity event. As chance would have it, the chef her mom has hired to cater is her old high school rival, Luke. Through working together, low and behold the Christmas season works its magic and they fall in love. Of course they have a few ups and downs but I did appreciate how they switched it up a bit and make the girl the “Darcy” character…her name is literally Darcy Fitzwilliam and his is Luke Bennett. Clever take Hallmark!  All in all I’m giving it a 6.2/6.5. 
Pride%2c Prejudice and Misletoe.PNG

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