Road to Christmas

OK, anytime we are bringing Chad MM into the Hallmark movies, we know things are getting good. Not sure if this was his first Hallmark or not, but I hope it wasn’t his last. It was a pretty good movie. I thought the story line was a little unrealistic with the short notice of preparation for the Christmas Special. They did throw in a couple of curve balls that I didn’t expect, one being when the power went out right before they went live on the air. I also loved how well Danny and Maggie interacted with each other, I thought the script was VERY well done.

My favorite part was of course the end when all of the family ends up together on Christmas (sorry for the spoiler!) Also, the Mom played by Teryl Rothery is one of my all time favorite Hallmark actresses.

Good movie, and overall I’m giving it a 8.3 out of 10 (mainly because the acting was kicked up a notch for this one). I think it is definitely the best movie I have seen so far this season. More to come!

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 9.17.28 PM.png

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