Christmas at Pemberley Manor

This was the first movie to kick off the Hallmark Christmas season. Although it had a very cute story line, it wasn’t my favorite Hallmark movie. I thought the comparison between Pride and Prejudice was nice, but the storyline seemed to have a few holes. For example, how could the mayor of a small town pay a huge event planning company to plan their Christmas celebration? And why does one of the wealthiest people (William Darcy) have a college intern as his sidekick instead of a well seasoned employee? AND… how did William get board approval to not sell Pemberley Manor in such a quick amount of time? But with all that being said, I thought it was cute and the acting was great. Plus, I loved seeing Elaine Hendrix (Caroline) again, totally placed her immediately from one of my all time favorite movies, The Parent Trap. Overall I would give this movie a 6.5 out of 10. 


Here is a pic from the ending scene, where William and Elizabeth realized they not only saved the towns Christmas celebration, but they also saved each other.

Also, the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas app is everything I could have hoped for! I encourage everyone to download it!

Three new Christmas Hallmarks this coming weekend, it’s getting serious!

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